Frequently Asked Questions

For Parents, Teachers, and the General Public

Looking for information about the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB)? Can I file a complaint with TASB if I have an issue with my district's policies? Are all districts' policies online? How can I find them? I looked at the district's policies and found LOCAL and LEGAL policies. What is the difference? How do I find specific information on a policy topic? What is a district of innovation?

For Board Members

Board member resources I have a policy question. Who do I talk to? Do boards need to adopt forms and regulations? Can the board revise policy language included in a numbered policy update?

For Superintendents and School Administrators

District administrator resources How do I get access to the Policy Service Resources? What is a district policy contact? Does my district have a TASB Policy Service consultant? What do these consultants do? What are the different types of documents in the policy manual and what do they mean? What is a localized policy manual and Policy On Line? Does the district need to keep a paper or hard copy of the board policy manual? My district needs to change a policy. What do we do? How do I notify TASB when the board adopts a Local District Update? Do I need to save previous versions of local policies? What are numbered updates and why are they issued two to three times a year? How can I distribute policies in a numbered update to other administrators to review before going to the board? How do I notify Policy Service that the board has adopted a numbered update? What happens if a policy update is issued after an effective date of legislative changes? Where can I find sample forms and regulations? Where can I see the changes made to legal policies in a numbered update? What other numbered update resources are available? What should the district do if we receive a Legal Advisory letter from TASB Legal Services? What is a policy review session? Should my district update its student handbook every year? Should my district update its Student Code of Conduct every year? What is Chapter 37 and why is it important?