Legal Services
Telephone Consultation Service

TASB Legal Line 800.580.5345

Your district’s TASB membership includes access to the TASB Legal Services’ phone consultation service. TASB Legal Services can be accessed by the decision makers of the district at no additional charge. Before accessing this service, please be aware of the following.

Who can call the TASB Legal Services? How does a district official contact TASB Legal Services? Will a conversation with TASB attorneys be kept confidential? Why does TASB Legal Services offer phone consultation? Do TASB attorneys give legal advice to people other than school district representatives? Will a TASB Legal Services attorney advise a trustee who is on the minority side of an issue? Can TASB Legal Services take the place of a district’s private attorney? Do the TASB Legal Services attorneys provide written legal opinions? Does TASB Legal Services answer questions sent by email?

Updated April 2022

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