Board Development Services Staff

Board Development

Phil Gore, 512.505.2450
Division Director
Phil Gore
Kay Douglas, 512.505.2456
Kay Douglas
David Koempel, 512.505.2459
David Koempel
Orin Moore, 512.505.2458
Orin Moore
Jessica Murray, 512.505.2452
Administrative Assistant
Jessica Murray
Bill Rutherford, 512.505.2460
Bill Rutherford
Susan Whisenant, 512.505.2873
Director, Curriculum and Instruction
Susan Whisenant
Renee LeClaire, 512.505.2455
LMS Administrator                                        
Renee LeClaire

Convention and Systems Administration

Jackie Clark Spencer, 512.467.3549
Assistant Director
Jackie Clark Spencer
Marla Gilliland, 512.505.2453
Meeting Registrar/CEC Administrator
Marla Gilliland
Jackie Hightower, 512.505.2454
Systems Specialist
Jackie Hightower
Ronika Nash, 512.505.2451
Operations and Vendor Relations Manager
Ronika Nash
Taylor Thompson, 512.505.3611
Administrative Assistant
Taylor Thompson's employee photo

Meeting and Event Planning

Kathy Dundee, 512.505.2462
Assistant Director
Kathy Dundee
Mandy Begley, 512.505.2461
Senior Meeting Planner                               
Mandy Begley
Nicole Green, 512.505.2464
Meeting Planner III
Nicole Green
Jonathan-Phi Huynh, 512.505.2465
Senior Meeting Planner
Jonathan-Phi Huynh
Tami Nagar, 512.505.2463
Special Projects Coordinator
Tami Nagar