Senate Bill 1566 Training: Governance for Improved Student Performance

Senate Bill 1566, passed in last year’s legislative session, introduced a new required training for trustees of at least three hours on evaluating student academic performance and the oversight role of the board. TASB can help you meet this requirement. 

About SB 1566 training

TASB’s SB 1566 training was informed by the XG (eXceptional Governance) Summit in 2017. Our training is research-based covering practices shown to promote improved board-superintendent relationships and improved student achievement.

Research on school governance has identified specific actions of school boards in high-performing districts, including setting and monitoring specific goals related to student performance.

This session enables trustees to embrace this essential board function with tools to:

  • Understand available student performance data and what it means for student learning
  • Set meaningful goals around student achievement
  • Make monitoring progress a central part of their board’s work

How long do I have to complete the training?

Newly elected or appointed trustees must complete the training within their first 120 days. Then, all trustees will need to complete this training every two years. (All trustees who were serving as of September 1, 2017, should have completed the training by September 1, 2018.)

Where can I get this training?

TASB has a robust SB 1566 training course based on the XG (eXceptional Governance) initiative. We have three ways you can take this training:


We can come to you. We can customize the training based on your district’s data and hold the training with your full superintendent-board team. Then the training can count toward your teambuilding credit at the same time. 

Schedule it today: or 800.580.8272, extension 2452. 


Online training is now available in TASB’s Online Learning Center! You can complete the training on your own time and from a location of your choice. 

Log in to myTASB to access the OLC and get board member credit for SB 1566 Online.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Trustees have other training requirements. What does this training add? 

This requirement creates a Tier 4 training focused specifically on what boards do to provide oversight and strategic leadership for student achievement in their district. The State Board of Education rule specifies the content of the training.
Q. Who can provide training that meets this requirement? 

For SB 1566, the Texas Education Agency created a category of authorized providers, who are individuals and groups who have demonstrated competence in the important subject matter included in this particular training. TASB is an authorized provider.

Q. Does my entire board need to attend together? 

No. However, TASB’s SB 1556 training can make for a very powerful team learning experience if it is possible for all to attend together either within your district or at a state regional event.

SB 1556 training when conducted within your district—along with your superintendent—has the added benefit of also counting as your Tier 2 (Teambuilding) credit if certain other conditions are also met.

For more information e-mail or call 800.580.8272, extension 2452.