Team-Building Services (Tier 2)

SLI Fort Worth 2017 - Team Building

Wherever your team is now, team-building sessions from Leadership Team Services (LTS) can help raise the level of your team's effectiveness. Find out why board-superintendent teams say they accomplish more and have fun when they invite our consultants to facilitate their team-building sessions!

Team building is an annual Tier 2 continuing education requirement (pdf) of board-superintendent teams. The State Board of Education rule states the following regarding team-building requirements:

The entire board, including all board members, shall annually participate with their superintendent in a team building session facilitated by the ESC or any registered provider. The team building session shall be of a length deemed appropriate by the board, but generally at least three hours. The purpose of the team building session is to enhance the effectiveness of the board-superintendent team and to assess the continuing education needs of the board-superintendent team. The assessment of needs shall be based on the framework for governance leadership and shall be used to plan continuing education activities for the year for the governance leadership team. 19 TAC Chapter 61, Subchapter A, §61.1. (b)(2)

Consider the following key requirements when planning your team-building session:

  • You must meet annually for a-team building session.
  • All board members and the superintendent must attend.
  • You should generally spend at least three hours together in this session.
  • The substance of the session should be an activity that enhances team effectiveness.
  • The session should include an assessment that identifies continuing education targets for the year.
  • The Framework for School Board Development (TEA website) should be used as a guide for identifying useful continuing education topics.

You can make your team-building session more productive and less of a chore if you decide as a team, in advance, what you'd like to accomplish with the time you reserve:

  • Post "team-building options" on an agenda and at the meeting, discuss what kinds of activities might benefit the team.
  • Discuss and agree on an activity that you think will help the team improve its working relationships.
  • Decide on a good time to get all team members together and decide who could best facilitate the activity.

The following are some of the objectives LTS's consultants can help your team accomplish in a team-building workshop.

Assess performance and plan for improvement

Using TASB’s Effective Board Practices: An Inventory for School Boards or our own assessment instrument specifically designed for Texas board-superintendent teams, we can help your team identify areas for improvement and develop a plan to make and track progress.

Clarify roles and working relationships

We can help your team members understand each other better and agree on ways to work together more effectively with sessions that address:

  • Ethical behavior: When a team member begins to question the appropriateness of another's behavior, we can help you get concerns out in the open in a fun and non-threatening way.
  • Team-operating procedures: Clearly defined procedures for how the board-superintendent team will conduct its business can help a team increase efficiency and avoid misunderstandings. In a single workshop, we'll help the board-superintendent team develop up to 10 team operating procedures.
  • Different personality and work styles: Using our entertaining "Go, T.E.A.M, Go" assessment or the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, we can help team members understand their personality types and how to work productively on a diverse team.
  • Teams in transition: A systematic process for solving problems and making decisions can speed team discussions and ensure more informed decisions. Our "S.O.L.V.E.D." problem-solving model for board-superintendent teams provides a useful structure for addressing common problems and decisions teams face. We'll help your team learn the model then use it to address one or more pending problems in your district.

Set direction

We can guide your team in agreeing on goals for the district, for superintendent performance, or for the board itself.

  • Setting comprehensive district goals: Reaching consensus on district priorities and direction can increase understanding among team members, as well as provide direction for the district’s work. Our facilitators can help your team identify critical issues facing the district and establish goals for the next year or beyond.
  • Identifying superintendent performance goals: A successful superintendent evaluation process begins with clear expectations, performance standards, and timelines agreed to by the board-superintendent team. This workshop uses district goals and team priority concerns to develop superintendent performance goals for the coming year, measures of success, and appropriate timelines for evaluating progress.
  • Developing a team vision and goals: A team vision can help members clarify expectations and focus on common beliefs about teamwork. We can help your team create its own vision statement of an effective board-superintendent team, and then set goals for getting there. We can even show you how to use your new vision statement as an assessment tool to identify areas that need improvement if the team is to reach that vision.

Improve community relations

We can help your team identify key communication challenges and differences in values that may create division or inhibit community participation. Then we will guide you in mapping strategies for explaining information and needs in a way that reaches your audiences more effectively.

Host a Regional Training Workshop and save!

When two or more districts conduct a workshop together, each district pays just half price! Team-building topics are limited for these sessions. Call for more information.

To find out more about team-building options from LTS or check available dates, e-mail or call 800.580.8272, extension 2542.