Board Governance and Operations (Tier 3)

Why call TASB for Tier 3 training in your district?

All trustees are required to receive at least 5 hours (10 hours for first year trustees) of continuing education beyond team building and updates to the Texas Education Code. This Tier 3 training should be based on assessed needs.

  • We can design training and professional development that focuses on your team's specific needs.
  • We offer an array of training in board governance, oversight of management, and team operations issues.
  • In-district workshops allow for discussion about your district practices and specific suggestions for improvement.
  • We can often mix and match topics within one workshop.
  • Our consultants have over 120 combined years of experience serving on and working with school boards all over the state, large and small, rich and poor.

What can we get training on in our district?

  • Boards roles and responsibilities
  • Governance and oversight of management
  • Superintendent evaluation
  • Meeting management
  • Ethics
  • Effective teamwork

And more! Just contact us and tell us what you are looking for. Almost any session topic offered by LTS at TASB training events can be offered in local districts, including some of our TASB ISD courses.

Can we invite neighboring districts to come to our workshop?

Yes! Multi-district workshops are perhaps the most convenient and cost-efficient way for boards to receive high quality continuing education. Here's how it works:

  1. Invite at least one other district, or tell us who you'd like to invite and we'll handle the arrangements.
  2. Each participating district pays half the regular in-district training fee and travel expenses for the trainer are split among the participating districts. (We'll bill each of you individually.)
  3. Select your professional development topic or consult with the district(s) you'd like to invite and agree on a topic. (Some team-building sessions can also be delivered as multi-district workshops.)
  4. Contact us to reserve a date by e-mail or by call us at 512.467.0222, extension 6161.