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HR Services conducts the most comprehensive and up-to-date surveys of salaries, stipends, and pay practices for Texas public school districts and community colleges.

Why should your district participate in the salary survey?

  • It's the most comprehensive salary survey for Texas schools.
  • Because you'll need accurate market data, too.
  • Participate to run your custom comparison reports in TASB HRDataSource™.
  • Your participation helps all school districts and community colleges.

Participation ensures your district or college will have access to the market data you need to pay competitive salaries and hire the best employees. Visit our FAQs for more information about our salary surveys. 


Invite Date

Due Date

Available on


Superintendent 7/18/23 9/1/23 10/12/23
District Personnel/Teacher 9/5/23 10/3/23 12/7/23
Community College 9/7/23 10/5/23 12/7/23
Extra-Duty Stipend 10/19/23 11/16/23 2/1/24
HR Surveys 1/16/24 2/13/24 3/7/24

Looking for the most recent salary survey results? Visit our Salary Survey Highlights page to find the latest survey highlights, including statewide analyses and trends. If you have questions about our salary surveys or want to request your organization’s survey link, please email

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