Teacher Shortage Worse than Expected

March 29, 2019 • Zach DiSchiano

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Taking into consideration indicators of teacher quality like experience, training, and certification, the teacher shortage we’ve been hearing about for years may be significantly worse than originally thought.

A recent study conducted by the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) found not only is there a glaring shortage of highly qualified teachers, but the shortage hits high-poverty area schools the hardest, who rely more on alternatively certified teachers with less classroom experience.

According to the report, high-quality teachers have the following characteristics:

  • They’re fully certified
  • They took a traditional route into teaching
  • They have five or more years of teaching experience
  • They have a background in the subject of the main assignment

These teachers are in short supply nationally and particularly rare in low-income districts. Keeping in mind the fact the teacher supply is continuing to shrink—projections have the demand for teachers quadrupling in the next five years—all 50 states in this country must find solutions for this problem as expeditiously as possible.

To read more about these new findings, check out the EPI report.

Zach DiSchiano is the communications specialist at TASB HR Services. He can be reached at zachary.dischiano@tasb.org.

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