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Staffing Reviews

Benchmarking data and local needs assessment

Benchmarking data by itself will not provide the answers to your district’s staffing needs. A TASB Staffing Review will examine your district’s current staffing practices within the context of your district’s needs and priorities.  Staffing consultants will collect input from principals and department heads, examine class loads and schedules, compare staffing to your peer districts and state data, and provide a detailed roadmap of suggestions to achieve optimal staffing efficiency and effectiveness.

The scope of a Staffing Review can be complete or limited. A complete Staffing Review will examine:

I sincerely appreciate TASB's extremely helpful customer service approach they provided to the McAllen ISD team. Great job!
Todd Miller – Assistant Superintendent, McAllen ISD
  • Instructional and Administrative Support Staff
  • Classroom Teachers
  • Campus Paraprofessionals
  • Clerical Support Staff
  • Health Services Staff
  • Library Services Staff
  • Athletic Staff
  • Special Education Staff
  • Operations and Facilities Staff

Services include

  • Compile a detailed inventory of current staffing by campus, class, and department.
  • Compare staffing ratios per student to state averages and to a set of peer districts.
  • Collect input from principals and department heads to understand needs and ensure accuracy.
  • Examine three years of staffing change trends through TAPR reports.
  • Examine class size for regular education and bilingual education by elementary campus.
  • Examine class size for core and elective subjects by secondary campus.
  • Examine student loads and teaching assignments for athletic coaches.
  • Model potential cost savings with alternative staffing or master schedule models.
  • Compare maintenance staffing to APPA recommended standards and local needs.
  • Compare custodial staffing by facility square footage to ASBO recommended standards.
  • Document staffing ratios to use as a planning guide going forward.
  • Prepare an itemized roadmap of options for reducing staff through attrition, adding or moving staff where needed, and changing practices to improve efficiency.


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