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Employee Opinion Surveys

Confidential surveys

Finding out how employees really feel about their jobs and working conditions can be useful information for district leaders who are concerned with employee engagement, recruitment, and retention. HR Services offers districts the following web-based confidential surveys that can be tailored to a district’s needs:

  • Employee engagement and opinion survey
  • HR and other department customer satisfaction survey
  • Employee exit survey

These surveys provide useful and balanced information for decision-makers about levels of employee satisfaction with their work conditions and environments, instructional climate, communication systems at the campus and district level, and administrative supports—factors that typically relate to employee engagement and retention.

Employee attitudes and perceptions on the following topics will be measured:

  • Job satisfaction
  • Working conditions
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Relationships with coworkers
  • Relationships with supervisors
  • District communications
  • District leadership
  • Campus environment (teachers and campus support only)
  • Curriculum and instructional resources (teachers only)
  • Student discipline (teachers only)

Services provided

HR Services will design, administer, and report the results of each web-based survey conducted. With each survey, HR Services provides the following:

  • Research-based sample survey
  • Customization to meet a district’s needs
  • Demographic analysis
  • District- and campus-level response data
  • Summary of employee comments by frequency
  • Complete report with easy-to-read graphs and tables

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