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Compensation Services

Market-based pay systems

TASB is the leading provider of compensation services to Texas public school districts, charter schools, regional service centers, and community colleges. Since 1984, TASB HR Services has helped more than 625 school districts and colleges improve their pay practices. Annually, TASB HR Services conducts a comprehensive salary survey of Texas school districts for more than 140 unique job titles, and of Texas community colleges for more than 90 unique job titles. Response rates to the survey are consistently high. Our combination of robust market data, expertise, and analytics allow us to design market-based compensation plans to meet your evolving needs. 

Pay system review

Compensation services are planned to meet the unique needs of each school district or college and each type of employee. Our consulting services include:

  • Evaluating the external job market to identify competitive pay practices and hiring offers
  • Reviewing job classifications for exemption status and internal placement
  • Recommending the best pay strategy to achieve your goals
  • Improving the teacher or faculty salary schedule
  • Building and aligning competitive pay structures
  • Recommending individual employee pay adjustments to correct identified pay inequities
  • Building stipend plans for extra-duty assignment pay
  • Calculating cost estimates based on a general pay increase and any strategic adjustments
  • Recommending administrative procedures for ongoing pay system administration and maintenance
  • Documenting findings and recommendations in a final report
  • Presenting to board of trustees and/or executive staff
  • Transferring of final employee data file with board-adopted general pay increase and any strategic adjustments to employee pay
  • Assisting with employee communication about the adopted pay system

Pay system maintenance

After a district has adopted a market-based pay system, we can provide annual maintenance services in the following years at a reduced fee. Pay system maintenance services have a limited scope with the focus on maintaining the system previously designed by TASB HR Services. Annual maintenance includes:

  • Analyzing competitive pay position of key benchmark jobs in the local job market
  • Adjusting pay ranges to maintain a competitive position in the market
  • Calculating cost estimates to meet your budget specifications
  • Documenting findings and recommendations in a final report
  • Transferring of final employee data file

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