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Planning comes in many forms when it comes to school district facilities.

  • Facility assessments are key in evaluating the condition of a district’s facilities and understanding how to prioritize the facility needs of your district both now and into the future.
  • Long-range facility planning develops the assessment from how your district is now projecting the districts needs into the future. Our team works with your district’s team to discover your district’s educational vision and discover your district’s facility needs. From there, we help you create a legacy document that will serve the district for years. 
  • Maintenance and operation staffing analysis ensures you have an adequate number of custodial and maintenance staff for your facilities.
  • Bond election is a complicated process that requires planning. We will help your district through the process of calling and managing a bond as well help you develop material to make your district more successful.

Contact facilities@tasb.org if you have questions about services or need additional explanation.

Facility assessments and long-range planning

Facility assessments are key to understanding what is going on both inside and outside of your campuses and pinpointing key issues that may need to be addressed and how soon. Long-range planning takes the facility assessments into the future and helps you plan for necessary maintenance expenses and anticipate future facility needs.

TASB facilities assessments and can help your district:

  • Analyze building structures, systems, and components for condition, functionality, and efficiency, taking into account current and future student enrollment and community needs
  • Assess safety and security systems, as well as traffic flow
  • Provide guidance on facility educational adequacy and efficiency, based on industry standards and guidelines from state and federal agencies and associations Determine capital improvement budgets or bond estimating based on building facility condition indices

TASB Long-Range Facility Planning can help your district:

  • Create a comprehensive strategy for long-term facility planning
  • Develop a long-term, capital improvement plan, as well as maintain and build upon the plan
  • Estimate costs for recommendations
  • Gather preliminary information on potential funding options
  • Understand preliminary bond scope guidance

Important factors to consider when assessing your facilities are:

School site | Education and community needs Plant sustainability | Life of the building at reasonable costs Building safety and security | Well-being of students, staff, and visitors Educational adequacy | Relationship between educational programs and physical structures Structural and mechanical features | Design and specifications

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Maintenance and operation staffing analysis

The Facility Services maintenance and operations (M&O) staffing analysis helps districts:

  • Establish department standards
  • Maintain operational and inventory efficiency
  • Ensure proper custodial, maintenance, and/or grounds staffing levels for areas that require daily cleaning and routine maintenance

The analysis is based on three criteria:

  • District building and equipment specifications
  • Industry-wide standard cleaning times
  • Custodial staff tasks and work schedules

We use industry standards, combined with district facility specifications, to develop a customized, comprehensive staffing report. Each report provides:

  • Complete analysis of district facility information to support staffing and budget decisions
  • Recommendations that are customized to your district, using age of your facilities, building material types, equipment, and procedures
  • Recommendations on deficiencies and best practices within industry standards to help guide an effective M&O department

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Bond election planning and assistance

How old are your buildings? The national average is more than 40 years old, and over 20 percent were built before 1950. New bonds can be held for:

  • Capital improvements
  • Equipment costs related to construction
  • Facility upgrades
  • New construction
  • Site acquisition

Aside from the actual need for the bond, there much that goes into calling for and holding a successful bond election. Our expert personnel can help your district navigate the complicated bond process, including.

  • Evaluating district facility needs
  • Establishing bond project scope
  • Developing and implementing election strategies
  • Effectively communicating with the public

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