Facility Services: Planning for the future

With your day-to-day demands, planning for the future sometimes just means getting a handle on your afternoon. To make the right decisions, you need a detailed overview of all the moving parts and a deep dive into the data.

TASB’s Facility Services planning team is your partner in getting a clear picture of your district’s facilities priorities and preparing for the long term.

  • Facility assessments and long-range planning: You want a detailed understanding of your district’s facility needs now and into the future. Our team takes you through a comprehensive assessment and future projections to align your facility priorities with your district’s educational vision, creating a legacy document that will serve the district for years. 
  • Maintenance and operation staffing analysis: The more organized your team is, the better they perform. TASB will develop a customized plan to optimize the efficiency of custodial, grounds, and maintenance and operations staffing for your district.
  • Funding strategy and bond election assistance:  A lot goes into calling for and holding a successful bond election. Our expert personnel can help your district navigate the complicated bond process.

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Facility assessments and long-range planning

TASB will make sure you have the intel necessary to know what’s going on both inside and outside of your campuses. The information we provide will help you anticipate key issues before they’re a problem, make informed decisions, and plan for necessary maintenance expenses and future facility needs.

Facility assessments

Facility assessments are key to understanding what is going on both inside and outside of your campuses and pinpointing key issues that may need to be addressed.

  • Capacity analysis: Get a clear picture of the total and functional space, utilization, and efficiency of your facilities. 
  • Condition assessment: Understand the physical state of facilities right now, including structural soundness, building systems, code compliance, and maintenance needs. 
  • Energy assessment: Determine your energy efficiency and implement needed improvements. TASB, along with our affinity provider, E3, also provides energy policy assistance, energy management training, and behavior modifications plans to maximize energy savings.

Demographic services

Our demographic services will help your district prepare for growth of student populations (with TASB preferred provider, Cooperative Strategies).

  • Developer impact analysis: Dig into the potential impacts of new construction on student populations and your school facilities. 
  • Developer negotiations: Identify opportunities to reduce the financial impact of new development construction on your school district and promote quality facilities for all students.

TASB long-range facility planning

Long-range planning takes facility assessments into the future by helping your district plan for Cooperative Strategies logonecessary maintenance expenses and anticipate future facility needs.

  • Master planning: Provide your administrators, policy makers, and the community clear direction on how your school district should address its facility needs. 
  • Educational adequacy assessment: Establish how well your current and future educational programs are supported by your facilities and future facility plans. 
  • Geographic information systems (GIS): Explore the big picture of district data through maps of student locations, grade levels, demographics, programming, school sites, current and proposed boundaries, housing developments, and more (with TASB preferred provider, Cooperative Strategies).
  • Attendance boundary and voting-area determination: Balance your facility capacity based on location, enrollment, demographics, school size, programming, and efficiency. Also analyze historical voting patterns to draw voting areas to adequately represent communities (with TASB preferred provider, Cooperative Strategies).

Have questions? Want to know more? Contact facilities@tasb.org or call us at 800.580.8272. We’re here to help.

Maintenance and operation staffing analysis

The Facility Services maintenance and operations (M&O) staffing analysis helps your district:

  • Establish department standards
  • Maintain operational and inventory efficiency
  • Establish proper custodial, maintenance, and grounds staffing levels for areas that require daily cleaning and routine maintenance

The analysis is based on three criteria:

  • District building and equipment specifications
  • Industry-wide standard cleaning times
  • Custodial staff tasks and work schedules

We’ll combine industry standards with your district’s facility specifications to develop a customized, comprehensive staffing report for you. Each report provides:

  • Complete analysis of district facility information to support staffing and budget decisions.
  • Recommendations that are customized to your district, using age of your facilities, building material types, equipment, and procedures.
  • Recommendations on deficiencies and best practices within industry standards to help guide an effective M&O department.

Have questions? Want to know more? Contact facilities@tasb.org or call us at 800.580.8272. We’re here to help.

Funding Strategy and Bond Assistance

TASB Facility Services can assist your district with the daunting task of preparing for a bond election. Aside from the actual need for the bond, there is so much that goes into calling for and holding a successful bond election. TASB has the expert personnel to help districts that are navigating through the bond process, including:

  • Funding Strategy Assistance helps a school district determine the best way to fund their facilities project, including cost projections, tax impacts, market conditions, cost savings, and possible finance options (with TASB Affinity Provider, E3). 
  • Bond Election Planning and Assistance helps a school district with the process of calling and holding a bond election, including establishing the bond project scope, developing and implementing election strategies, and communicating with the public (with TASB preferred provider, Cooperative Strategies).

TASB Talks bonds podcast, August 2017, covers the process for calling a bond election—what school districts need to know during the campaign and post-election.

Have questions? Want to know more? Contact facilities@tasb.org or call us at 800.580.8272. We’re here to help.

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