Environmental Services

You pride yourself and your team on creating comfortable, compliant school and working environments for staff and students. Keeping up with state and federal environmental regulations is key to that.

TASB’s team of licensed, multi-disciplinary specialists and facility consultants, along with Preferred Provider Farmer Environmental, provide a wide array of environmental services and training tailored to your district or university’s needs.

Become a TASB Environmental Member

More than 600 school districts and universities already benefit from the TASB Facility Services Environmental Membership. They get a substantial cost savings on TASB environmental services compared to non-members.

Get details on the benefits of TASB Facility Services Environmental Membership, annual rates, and add-on services.

Complete a Membership Application (pdf)

Email this application to facilities@tasb.org or print and mail it to PO Box 400, Austin, TX 78767.

What you get as a member

As a Facility Services Environmental Member, you’ll have access to:

  • Experienced personnel
  • Professional and informative training
  • Knowledgeable assistance with regulatory compliance
  • Prompt and dependable customer service

Additional services are available for additional fees through separate agreements. TASB, along with preferred provider Farmer Environmental, can help your district with:  

  • Industrial hygiene services
    • Asbestos sampling and management
    • Mold assessments
    • Indoor air quality (IAQ) assessments
    • Lead, radon, and silica sampling and abatement management
    • And more!
  • Environmental Consulting
    • Hazardous waste disposal and management
    • Soil and ground water monitoring
    • Hydro-geological investigation
    • Phase I and II environmental site assessments (ESA)
    • Spill prevention, control and countermeasure (SPCC)
    • Underground storage tank services
    • Storm water pollution prevention plans (SWPP)
    • Environmental compliance with state and national laws
    • Site closure and remediation
    • Environmental permitting
    • And more

Have compliance and environmental services questions? Email us at facilities@tasb.org.