About Facility Services

School maintenance is an ongoing process—from the day a school opens, until the time that the building is torn down. School facility assessment is regulated by several state and federal agencies, so deficiencies in your maintenance or record keeping could cost the district thousands of dollars in fines if not maintained properly. TASB Facility Services helps you make sure that the proper standards are met.

Tailored support for facilities-related matters

Our consultants are here to help with any questions and provide guidance on record keeping, environmental testing, and facility maintenance for your buildings. Services offered include:

  • Environmental and facilities regulatory compliance reviews and training
  • Licensed asbestos, lead, and mold planners/agency
  • Maintenance and operations staffing analysis services
  • Facility assessment and long-range planning
  • Bond planning and election assistance services
  • Energy efficiency and conservation services and training
  • Construction project assistance services

TASB Facility Services is proud to partner with our preferred providers to offer trusted services to our members.

Cooperative Strategies E3 Farmer Environmental Group

TASBO Strategic Partner

Have questions? Want to know more? Contact facilities@tasb.org or call us at 800.580.8272. We're here to help.

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