Community College Policy Tutorials

TASB Community College Services offers policy tutorials to help community colleges better understand issues related to policy development and help them develop policy manuals that are consistent and based in law and best practice.

Policy How-To Videos

Community College Services offers a series of How-To videos on topics related to policy development, such as the makeup of legal and local policies, the purpose or numbered updates and local district updates, and how to properly archive older policies. These videos serve as an introduction to policy and policy development for college officials and administrators who are new to policy and a helpful refresher for veterans.

Policy Basics

Numbered Updates

Local District Updates (LDUs)

Maintaining the Historical file

Policy Guides

Community College Services offers policy guides based on the role of the user and what services a college subscribes to. The guides provide an overview of TASB’s board policy manual, discusses the reasons for and logistics of policy changes, and outlines the role of administrative regulations in implementing legal requirements and board policy. For a more detailed look at policy topics than the “How-To” videos, click the appropriate link below.

Administrator’s Guide to Policy

Board Member’s Guide to Policy

Guide to Policy Management for Community College Policy Reference Manual (CCPRM) Subscribers

Board Policy Manual Style Guide

Policy Online™ User Guide

The Policy Online™ user guide contains videos and written directions to help users walkthrough how to access and use various features in the Policy Online™ system, including how to navigate the site, how to interact with numbered updates and adoption notifications, and how to upload and edit resource links.

Policy Online User Guide

Policy Update Overview

Community College Services issues a Policy Update Overview video following each update to assist the colleges as they amend their local policies in response to recent changes to federal and state law and recommended best practices. The videos are available to policy updating services subscribers on the Community College Policy Resources page in the Policy Service Resource Library behind myTASB.