Policy Online®

Community colleges with a local board policy manual maintained by TASB may subscribe to Policy OnlineTM a web-based tool for delivering college policy to board members, administrators, faculty, and students. Policy Online® provides:

  • Quick, easy access to your TASB Localized Policy Manual
  • A full-manual search tool
  • Confidence that the manual is up-to-date
  • Freedom from the lost time and expense of hard-copy maintenance
  • Easy distribution of the college’s policies

Other advantages

In addition, Policy Online® helps you:

  • Educate college faculty, staff, students, and the public about your policies by sharing your online policy manual on the college’s website
  • Integrate the college’s procedures and forms with the policies they implement
  • Enjoy instant access to your policies on your tablet or smart phone
  • Easily draft policy revisions while knowing the published documents are secure (the online version of a policy can only be changed by your college’s assigned TASB policy consultant)

Get Policy Online

College employees with myTASB access can try Policy Online® by accessing the Community College Policy Reference Manual (CCPRM) using their login credentials.

To get Policy Online®, call 800.580.1488 and ask for your policy consultant.