Localized Policy Manual

Community College Policy Reference Manual (CCPRM) subscribers may choose to have TASB Community College Services maintain their local board policy manual. The goal of localizing a college’s policy manual is to produce a comprehensive, current, and legally sound policy manual for use by the board and administration. The organization of the manual, based on the CCPRM, serves to articulate a college governance foundation, incorporating applicable legally mandated policies with appropriate local policies. Colleges that use Community College Services to maintain their localized policy manuals are eligible to receive:

The Community College Administrator’s Guide to Policy Management (pdf) provides an overview of TASB’s board policy manual, discusses the reasons for and logistics of policy changes, and outlines the role of administrative regulations in implementing legal requirements and board policy. This guide is written for community colleges with a local policy manual maintained by TASB and focuses on the policy contact.

If you are not sure whether your local board policies are maintained by TASB, call Community College Services at 800.580.1488.