Local District Updates (LDUs)

A Local District Update (LDU) is a policy change, or a set of changes, initiated by the community college. LDUs might occur as a response to:

  • Changes in college practices, priorities, staffing, or emerging local issues
  • A changing response to legal options
  • Revisions to TASB Numbered Update materials

Regardless of the reason, policy development should be approached in a consistent manner to ensure the college’s policy manual stays up-to-date and accurately reflects current practices.

It is imperative that colleges with localized policy manuals and Policy OnlineTM submit local policy changes to their TASB policy consultant so that the consultant can incorporate the changes into the database. These LDUs ensure that our records reflect the college's current policies.

For more information on college-initiated local district updates, please read The Community College Administrator’s Guide to Policy Management (pdf) or call Community College Services at 800.580.1488.