Community College Policy Reference Manual (CCPRM)

The Community College Policy Reference Manual (CCPRM) provides the legal framework for key areas of college operations. (A myTASB user ID and password are required to access this resource.) The policy reference manual is divided into the following sections:

  1. Basic District Foundations
  2. Local Governance
  3. Business and Support Services
  4. Personnel
  5. Instruction
  6. Students
  7. Community and Governmental Relations

The CCPRM includes legal policies that reference relevant law and contain citations to the statutes, rules, and case law governing a particular topic. TASB Community College Services continually monitors changes in the legal landscape and prepares numbered updates (e.g., Update 34) with new or revised (LEGAL) policies that cite current legal requirements. The CCPRM serves as a reference document only and does not substitute for a locally developed policy manual and is not adopted by the board.

To access the manual, a community college must be a member of TASB and subscribe to this service. Colleges may designate up to ten individuals to receive a myTASB account with access to the CCPRM published in the Policy Service Resource Library.

The Guide to Policy Management for CCPRM Subscribers (pdf) provides an introduction to policy basics, including updates to TASB’s CCPRM. This guide is written for colleges that subscribe to the CCPRM only and do not use TASB to maintain the college’s local policy manual.

If you are not sure whether your college subscribes to the CCPRM or you are having trouble accessing your myTASB account, please call Community College Services at 800.580.1488.