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I understand that TASB, a Texas nonprofit organization, has the right to use, reproduce, reprint, distribute, and display the video for any organizational purpose, without notification, consent, or compensation to the entrant(s). A TASB organizational purpose includes, but is not limited to, displaying the video on TASB's website, at conferences, or at other venues, regardless of whether fees are charged.

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A release is required from each person who has a speaking role or is otherwise distinctly featured in the video, as well as those involved in the production of the video. This authorization ensures that those involved know that the video may be shown publicly without further consent required. The releases must accompany the submission form and video. They must be signed by the participants, and if the participant/student is a minor, by the student’s parent/guardian. The campus submitting the video may use its district’s standard release form for this purpose or TASB's sample release form. Please be sure the release covers Internet usage.

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