2020–2021 Contest Rules

This video contest is open to all Texas elementary and secondary public school students, with a limit of one video entry per campus. The video can be created by an individual student or as a class project. Prizes will be awarded to the school district to be used in the student’s classroom or campus. 

  • The deadline to submit your video has passed. Thank you to all of our participants!
  • One student must be designated as lead producer/director for the video.

If you have any issues with the online submission process, email studentvideo@tasb.org.

What is the purpose of the video?

Create a short video showcasing resilience within Texas public schools.

  • Tell a story of how your school overcame a barrier or obstacle
  • Show how your school community has rallied together in hard times
  • Convince Texans to stand up for public schools
  • Show people why Texas schools are strong and successful

Feature live people, stills, animation—whatever you think best conveys your message. We know classrooms may look a little different this school year, so feel free to get creative in your approach. Zoom films and compilations have become popular, so if that is what works best for your school, give it a try!

All entries will be posted on the web and displayed statewide by the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB).

Video content

  • Video entries should be 60 seconds or less. (This is a change from years past.)
  • Video quality should be 1080p or higher.
  • The video must be an original work.

Video content must NOT:

  • Promote illegal behavior
  • Discriminate against or support invidious prejudice toward others along ethnic, racial, religious, or sexual grounds
  • Invade the privacy of any person
  • Support or oppose a candidate for elected office or advocate for the passage or defeat of legislation or a ballot measure
  • Be inappropriate as determined by the Texas Association of School Boards

Can students get assistance on the filming and editing of the video?

Students may have assistance filming and editing. When you submit your entry, outline what role the students played and what parts were done by others. If the others are students in another school, also note that.

Professionals in media, public relations, and education will participate in the judging process to help determine the winners. 

Do we need to follow any specific rules or guidelines pertaining to COVID-19 healthy and safety protocols?

We ask you to adhere to the guidelines and rules established at your school's campus when filming and producing your video.

Copyright information

No copyrighted material (music, images, etc.) or trademarks (company names, logos, brands, etc.) may be used unless you own or have a license to use the material for this contest. Written permission must be obtained and provided upon request for all copyrighted or trademarked materials.

Are we allowed to use a song and substitute words for the video?

Short answer, no.

Long answer, a work isn’t parody unless it critiques or comments on the original song or songwriter. If they’re using the tune and changing the words for a different message, it’s likely not parody and there are copyright implications—and, as we know, copyright infringement versus parody/fair use is very fact-specific and you don’t really know if you’ve crossed the line unless you successfully defend a copyright infringement suit.

Regardless, students should always ask the song’s author for permission to use the song.

Submission process

The submission form will go live December 1, but until then, keep the submission process in mind.

To submit a video, you must:

  • Complete the online application (link will be provided December 1)
  • Provide the required release forms 
  • Submit your video file through the online contest entry form using the following naming format:
    • campus name_school level_district (e.g., T.A.Brown_Elementary_AustinISD)

Talent release

Who needs to complete a release form

  • Each person who has a speaking role in the video
  • Anyone who is distinctly featured in the video
  • Those involved in the production of the video
  • Any student who creates song or music for the video

Who doesn’t need to sign a release

  • Individuals in crowd scenes
  • Adult faculty members

Release forms details

The campus submitting the video may use its district’s standard release form for this purpose or TASB's sample release form (pdf).

  • This authorization assures that those involved know that the video may be shown publicly without further consent required.
  • The release(s) must accompany the submission form and video.
  • It must be signed by the participant(s).
  • If the participant/student is a minor, it must be signed by the student’s parent/guardian.
  • The release must cover internet usage.


Prizes will be awarded in three school categories:
  • Elementary
  • Middle/junior
  • High

In each category, there will be a first place prize of $5,000 and a second place prize of $2,500.

There also will be a People’s Choice recognition in each of the three categories, which will be based on selections made by visitors to TASB’s website. No prize money will be awarded for the People’s Choice selection. (Please note: All reported view count statistics are collected by a third-party agency.)

All winners will be contacted in spring 2021.*


By entrant(s) submitting the video, it is agreed that TASB, a Texas nonprofit organization, has the right to use, reproduce, reprint, distribute, and display the video for any organizational purpose, without notification, consent, or compensation to the entrant(s). A TASB organizational purpose includes, but is not limited to, displaying the video on TASB’s website, at conferences, or at other venues, regardless of whether fees are charged.

Entrant also agrees that the releases required from participants (see “Talent Release” section above) have been submitted with the video entry. 

More information

If you have questions, contact the Texas Association of School Boards at studentvideo@tasb.org.

* Deadlines may be extended by TASB and notice of any extended deadline will be published on TASB’s website.

Entry Rule Highlights

  • The deadline to submit your video has passed. Thank you to all of our participants!
  • Participating school district must be an active member of TASB.
  • There is no entry fee.
  • The video must be an original work. 
  • Video entries should be 60 seconds or less
  • Written permission must be obtained for all copyrighted or trademarked materials.
  • Contest participation must be approved by the campus principal. 
  • A student producer/director and sponsoring teacher must be designated. 
  • A written release is required from each person distinctly featured or involved in the production of the video. 

* Deadlines may be extended by TASB and notice of any extended deadline will be published on TASB’s website.