BoardBook® Video Demos

BoardBook is flexible, reliable, and easy to use. The videos below show you how to use BoardBook’s many online tools, retrieve your BoardBook agenda packet, add notes to your packet, and edit your agenda. For the agenda compiler, we will show you in a short video how easy it is to start building your next agenda packet.

Using BoardBook

BoardBook provides a single online location for board-related materials where you can access past and current meeting documents, online policy, and reference documents, or search the archive.

BoardBook: Using BoardBook from tasbmedia on Vimeo.

Retrieve your agenda packet

The BoardBook agenda packet is a file you can save on your computer or read online. If you save the agenda packet on your computer, you can take it anywhere and have it available even when you don’t have internet access.

BoardBook: Retrieve Your Agenda Packet from tasbmedia on Vimeo.

Review and add notes

Before, during, and after the meeting, you can use Adobe Acrobat to add notes to your saved copy of the agenda packet.

BoardBook: Review and add notes from tasbmedia on Vimeo.

Edit your agenda

The compiler enters meeting topics to build the agenda. Supporting materials are added just like e-mail attachments, and everything can be arranged by drag and drop. When you are ready, BoardBook builds a completely paginated agenda packet with a table of contents and bookmarks for every topic and attachment. You can distribute the agenda packet online, through e-mail, or print it with a single click.

BoardBookEdit Your Agenda from tasbmedia on Vimeo.

Schedule a demonstration

To find out more, e-mail BoardBook or call 888.587.2665 to schedule a demonstration.