Get training at a time and location that's convenient to you with webinars from Board Development Services. We generally host webinars for school board candidates in March and September, and throughout the year as hot topics emerge.

Preparing to Serve: A Webinar for School Board Candidates

This webinar will help individuals interested in running for their local school board. For more information from our August 10 webinar, go to our Resources for Board Candidates page.


  • The difference between the board's and staff's responsibilities
  • How to campaign constructively
  • Where to find information about being a candidate

Board Development Services Webinar Series

Board Development Services is committed to providing excellent training opportunities for you and your leadership team. For example:

  • HB403: Child Abuse Prevention

Upcoming Board Development Services Webinars:

To view all of our upcoming webinars for CEC, go to our events calendar.

If you are unable to attend either live session, you are still welcome to register - a recording will be sent to all registered attendees after the webinar.

E-mail Board Development Services if you have a suggestion for a future topic.