TASB ISD Curriculum

The TASB ISD curriculum includes four in-depth training/board development sessions. Each session is 2.5 hours long and is designed especially for first-year trustees. They are offered at various TASB events throughout the year.

Boardsmanship Basics

This session provides an overview of the job of a school board member.

  • Discuss how to handle the personal and public demands that come with their new job.
  • Learn the board’s basic roles and responsibilities.
  • Explore how their duties differ from those of the superintendent.
  • Get plenty of resources in the form of tips and tools.

District Planning and Budget Basics

This session provides an overview of the board's role in district vision and goal setting, planning, and the budget process, as well as the planning and budgeting cycle and key decision points for board members.

School Law Basics

Taught by TASB attorneys, this session:

  • Highlights fundamentals of school law including meetings, nepotism, and conflicts of interest.
  • Reviews the basics new trustees need to know about personnel contracts.
  • Covers the board’s role in employment issues such as hiring and termination.

Teamwork Basics

This session explains:

  • Why it is important for trustees to act as a board rather than as individuals
  • What makes a team effective
  • How each member can contribute to that effectiveness
It also helps new board members gain trust and get things accomplished quicker by exploring:
  • Key team procedures
  • Communication strategies
  • Ethical behavior

Questions? E-mail lts@tasb.org or call 800.580.8272..