TASB ISD sessions are designed especially to meet the needs of first-year trustees who want to get a broad overview of their responsibilities and develop important skills early in their tenure. As a newly elected board member/trustee, participating in TASB ISD provides you an opportunity to:

  • Learn the research-based roles of school board members in supporting student achievement in the district.
  • Discuss legal and ethical components of your role as a trustee and how those differ from the superintendent and other staff members.
  • Gain a broad introduction to the world of board service—from policy and human resources to finance and advocacy—to be equipped to serve effectively as part of a visionary team.

Developing into a knowledgeable and skilled trustee takes time. TASB ISD lays a valuable foundation for your future and continued learning, but you’ll leave the session with plenty of tips and resources to assist you in your service.

Why should I participate in TASB ISD?

In any new role, people often find that they “don’t know what they don’t know.” TASB ISD gives you a foundational understanding of a broad range of board member responsibilities. You will find that this introduction will give you more confidence in participating with your board team as you continue to develop your knowledge and skills with complex issues that come before the board.

How do I get started?

TASB ISD is offered for newly elected trustees at all major TASB events. Just register for the conference most convenient to you, and check the program for the TASB ISD in-depth session.

Convention logo TASA | TASB Convention
September 24–26, 2021
Governance Camp (formerly known as Winter Governance Seminar)
March 3–6, 2021
Summer Leadership Institute logo Summer Leadership Institute
San Antonio
June 16–19, 2021
Summer Leadership Institute logo Summer Leadership Institute
Fort Worth
June 23–26, 2021

TASB ISD can be delivered in your district for your board alone, or as a regional workshop for several boards in your area. Portions of TASB ISD are also often presented at TASB regional spring workshops as well.

Who do I contact if I still have questions about TASB ISD?

E-mail board.dev@tasb.org or call 512.467.0222, extension 2453.