Sample District Shared Vision Statements

Sample 1

Our students are excited, responsible learners who are encouraged by home, school, community and place of worship. As leaders, they are fully confident that they will graduate well prepared to meet the challenges and high expectations of the 21st century. As successful, life-long learners and productive citizens of high morals, they work to their fullest potential to make a positive difference in the community.

Our children begin their discovery of knowledge in a nurturing family environment. Our schools and families work in harmony to provide a safe, supportive, and challenging learning experience. Our premier educational team enthusiastically embraces innovative teaching methods and high standards of performance. Our schools are the central point of learning. Using the latest technology, the world is truly our classroom.

Our school district and community are committed to high expectations and high standards. We proactively work together to provide skills, knowledge, and resources thus ensuring a fully supportive environment for excellence in education for all stakeholders.

Sample 2

Our students:

  • Choose to be productive members of society who are fully equipped to continue their preparation for the future
  • Are confident and self-assured. They have a positive vision of the future and goals to achieve their vision
  • Are well rounded academically, physically, and spiritually
  • Are proud of their school and community and appreciate learning as a life-long endeavor
  • Are creative problem solvers who make sound decisions
  • Value and accept diversity
  • Feel safe at school

Our learning environment provides:

  • An evolving and innovative curriculum that meets the diverse needs of all students, and equips them to be positive and contributing members of society
  • A highly qualified, dedicated, and caring staff recognized as the best
  • Homes, classrooms, and campuses working together in harmony to support a safe and nurturing educational experience
  • Modern technology and training that maximizes learning for all
  • Pro-active and effective communication between staff, students, and their guardians that ensures student success
  • The optimal staffing and facilities to meet the needs of all students

Our district and community:

  • Work as a team providing resources necessary to achieve a world-class education
  • Recognize the district as the heart of learning, caring, and support for all the community
  • Acknowledge education as a privilege and proudly accepts responsibility for the learning process