Sample Comprehensive District Goals

These examples show a variety of formats and styles used by districts for articulating comprehensive district goals. They are only examples and are not intended to suggest standards for goals statements. Some districts' goals may be more specific or include indicators of success and a time line as well.

Sample 1

Shining Star ISD:

  • Has a safe and drug free school environment
  • Has a staff development program that prepares our employees to meet the educational needs of our changing student population
  • Uses all district resources effectively and efficiently to the maximum benefit of its students
  • Has an effective, integrated technology system for management, communication, and classroom instruction
  • Has students, programs, and policies which are supported by actively involved parents and community members

Sample 2

Our District Goals:

  • Exceptional campus leadership
  • High quality teachers and staff recruited and retained to meet our needs
  • An aligned curriculum that uses well defined achievement goals to sustain an exemplary rating
  • Facilities that are safe, well maintained, and provide for the developmental needs of all students
  • High quality classroom instruction based on assessment of student progress
  • A supportive community dedicated to the achievement of our district goals and effective communication

Sample 3

  • Goal 1, Faculty: Excellent faculty and auxiliary personnel are recruited and retained.
  • Goal 2, Parental Involvement: Parents are actively involved in promoting high expectations; and strong values and morals in a supportive home environment that results in positive student learning.
  • Goal 3, Counseling: The district's counseling program focuses on meeting the emotional needs of our students.
  • Goal 4, Student discipline: Students with discipline problems are referred to interventions that are supportive and responsive.
  • Goal6 5, Drug Prevention: A comprehensive drug education and prevention program is coordinated throughout the district and community to measurably reduce drug use enabling all students to have a clear and open mind for learning within a safe environment.
  • Goal 7, Curriculum: Curriculum is aligned throughout grade levels, emphasizes critical thinking and application, and meets the social and emotional experiences and needs of all students.

Sample 4

  • Goal 1: The school district will provide all students a safe school environment in which to learn
  • Goal 2: The school district will develop a facility plan that will meet the long-range needs of students
  • Goal 3: The school district will meet the needs of all students through current and expanded programs
  • Goal 4: The school district will implement strategies to achieve the highest standards of the state assessment program
  • Goal 5: The school district will attract and retain highly qualified and certified professionals for all positions
  • Sample 5

Bluebonnet ISD Strategic Goals:

  • BISD has a progressive curriculum that meets the academic and career needs of all students
  • BISD has mutually beneficial partnerships with business, government, higher education, and the community
  • BISD has a progressive technological infrastructure that supports all instructional and administrative needs
  • BISD has a well-informed public, staff, and student body actively supporting our schools

Sample 6

Our district goals are to:

  1. Embrace technology on all fronts in personnel; infrastructure, machines, and training for teachers and availability for students and parents
  2. Provide a safe learning environment
  3. Provide all necessary information to both parents and students to ensure academic success toward graduation and post graduation endeavors
  4. Increase instructional expectations to include TAKS Mastery