Superintendent Evaluation: Student Performance Domain Worksheet

Under Texas statute, the results on the district’s annual performance report must be a “primary consideration” of the board in its evaluation of the superintendent. The annual performance report is the document in which the district reports on educational performance as measured by the Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR).

The Texas commissioner of education provides a form to assist boards in reviewing the information from the annual performance report that is particularly relevant to the evaluation of the superintendent. The form is called the Commissioner’s Student Performance Domain Worksheet.

Boards must use the data from this form in their appraisal of the superintendent or adopt an alternate method for considering student performance data, developed in consultation with site-based advisory teams.

The commissioner's worksheet is updated annually.

Process for using the worksheet

The Commissioner-Recommended Student Performance Domain worksheet is filled out by the superintendent and provided to the board.

Boards use the worksheet in their appraisal of superintendent performance, unless they plan to develop, with their site-based committees, an alternate method for considering student performance in the appraisal. The board is free to supplement data in the worksheet with any other data it deems appropriate for the appraisal.

By reviewing the data provided in the form, boards can identify areas of student performance that appear to be improving or declining and use that information to focus discussions with the superintendent about needs for the future. In addition, the board should consider the data when setting performance goals with the superintendent for the subsequent appraisal year.

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