Become a Board Member: Resources for Board Candidates

Are you considering public service on your local school board? Running for your local school board can be an exciting and at times challenging experience. We can help you learn more about the job of a school board so you can make an informed decision about running. After you've reviewed the resources listed below, see our resources for new board members for more information about the school board members' duties.

What does a school board do?

TASB resources

  • A Guide for School Board Candidates: Updated annually, this publication summarizes the duties of a school board member, procedures for seeking an elected board position, and services offered by TASB in support of effective school governance. Order A Guide for School Board Candidates from the TASB Store. Your district's superintendent's office may have copies available for candidates as well. Check with them during election filing periods.
  • Preparing to Serve: A Webinar for School Board Candidates: This live webinar will help individuals interested in running for their local school board understand what is involved in being elected to and serving on the local school board. Visit the event page to register for the next live webinar (hosted before both May and November elections) and for the most up-to-date information. View the February 8 webinar.

Local resources

  • Superintendent: Can answer questions about how schools are operated as well as questions about school district policies. The superintendent is usually responsible for maintaining the official district board policy manual. The superintendent will also know if there are any candidate workshops are available.
  • Board officers and experienced trustees: Can also answer questions about how schools are operated and can help you understand the inner workings of a school board.
  • District policy manual: Is a key tool in understanding the requirements imposed by law upon the school district, as well as the paths the board of trustees has chosen within the discretion permitted the board by state and federal law and regulation. If your district has TASB Policy Online, you can easily find your district's policy manual. Simply do an internet search your district's name followed by "policy online". If it does not show up, contact your superintendent's office about where you can find a copy of the policy manual.
  • School districts and regional education service centers: Offer candidate workshops that give you an opportunity to ask questions of local school trustees and superintendents about school board service.

State resources

For information and publications with details about campaign laws and regulations, including campaign finance and advertising, see the following links to several state agencies that can assist you:

For additional information about school board service, e-mail or call 800.580.8272, ext. 2453.