Foundations Workshops: Board Officers' Academy and TASB Institute for School Trustee Development

No stand-alone Foundations Workshops are scheduled at this time. These sessions may be included at the Summer Leadership Institute, Governance Camp, or TASA | TASB Convention. Check event agendas for details.

TASB’s Foundations Workshops are designed specifically for new board members and new board officers. This day-long training opportunity provides members with the tools and resources to succeed in their new role, whether it is as a new trustee or a new board officer.

The new board member track, powered by TASB's Institute for School Trustee Development (TASB ISD), includes:

  • Boardsmanship Basics
  • Teamwork Basics
  • School Law Basics

TASB ISD sessions are designed especially to meet the needs of first-year trustees who want to get a broad overview of their responsibilities and develop important skills early in their tenure. These in-depth sessions provide a great overview of fundamental subjects for any trustee, and experienced trustees tell us they provide a great refresher course in good governance.

The Board Officers’ Academy (BOA) curriculum is designed to support newly elected officers in their role and help them to be effective right away. Topics covered at this event include:

  • Communication skills
  • Board officer duties
  • Meeting management

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