Foundations Workshops for New Board Members and Officers

TASB’s Foundations Workshops are designed specifically for new board members and new board officers. These opportunities provide members with the tools and resources to succeed in their new roles.

New Board Member Launch

Begin your service as a trustee with the Quick Tips for New School Board Members webinar and the New Board Member Launch virtual learning bundle.

1. Quick Tips for New School Board Members webinar

Join us for a webinar that gives newly elected trustees a quick overview of board service. Even if you haven’t been sworn in, this will be a valuable way to quickly adjust to your new responsibilities.

2. New Board Member Launch Virtual Learning Bundle

Live virtual seminar

Join us for a full day of learning designed for new board members. Network with other new members while hearing from TASB experts and experienced trustees. Sessions will include topics such as:

  • Roles and responsibilities of school board members
  • Shifting to a governance mindset after the election
  • Research-based best practices for board service
  • Finding your voice on your board
  • And more!

Bonus content for anytime learning

Your registration for the live virtual seminar includes bonus content through the Online Learning Center (OLC). Your event registration confirmation will include a code to access several courses including:

  • Texas Open Meetings Act (required for new board members)
  • Sexual Abuse, Human Trafficking, and Other Maltreatment of Children (required for new board members)
  • “Top 10 Things You Should Know” series. This series is a group of short primers on a variety of topics, including:
    • Goal setting
    • Budgeting
    • School law
    • Policy
    • And more!

Log in to the OLC with your myTASB credentials to redeem this series with your enrollment key.

Board Officers’ Academy (BOA)

Board officers have several options to choose from to improve their skills. These include:

  • Getting Started as a Board Officer webinar 
  • A Journey to Excellence: Board Officers’ Academy Remote Coaching
  • Board Officers’ Academy virtual learning bundle

1. Getting Started as a Board Officer webinar

Get a productive start in your new role with a webinar designed for first-term board officers. You will learn the basics about being an officer, interact with other new officers, and get your questions answered. This course includes bonus content of Board Officers Forum: Directing Your Focus as a Board Officer in the OLC. You will receive information at the end of the webinar about how to access the additional course.

2. A Journey to Excellence: Board Officers’ Academy Remote Coaching

A Journey to Excellence is the most comprehensive board development opportunity available to Texas school board officers. While BOA courses are designed for new board officers, interested trustees and administrators are always welcome to participate.

During the six-week of A Journey to Excellence, you will understand the roles of school board officers, know how to run an effective meeting, learn to successfully work with different personality types, and provide useful feedback to other board members. 

Learn more about the program and read about others who have participated in A Journey to Excellence.

The blended learning approach of this course offers six anytime learning courses in the OLC, six live discussions with your cohort about the course content, and three one-hour one-on-one coaching sessions with a governance expert. The course outline is listed below.

  • Week 1: Roles and Responsibilities of Board Officers
  • Week 2: Robert’s Rules of Order for Board Officers
  • Week 3: Using Robert’s Rules as a Presiding Officer
  • Week 4: Working with Different Personalities on the Board
  • Week 5: Working with Challenging Personalities on the Board
  • Week 6: Providing Feedback.

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