Foundations Workshops for New Board Members and Officers

TASB’s Foundations Workshops are designed specifically for new board members and new board officers. These opportunities provide members with the tools and resources to succeed in their new roles. 

Texas Trustee Institute

Begin your service as a trustee with Texas Trustee Institute. 

Texas Trustee Institute offers new board members an immersive learning experience specifically designed for first-year board trustees. The Institute’s courses provide specialized training to create a successful launch into school governance for new board members seeking a strong foundational understanding of its role in improving student outcomes. 

A key programming component for new board members will be attending the Texas Trustee Institute at in-person events, including Summer Leadership Institute and TASA | TASB Convention. 

Bonus content for anytime learning

Your registration in Texas Trustee Institute also includes access to bonus content through the Online Learning Center (OLC). Your event registration confirmation will include a code to access several courses including: 

  • Texas Open Meetings Act (required for new board members) 
  • Sexual Abuse, Human Trafficking, and Other Maltreatment of Children (required for new board members) 
  • “Top 10 Things You Should Know” series. This series is a group of short primers on a variety of topics, including: 
  • Goal setting 
  • Budgeting 
  • School law 
  • Policy 
  • And more! 

Log in to the OLC with your TASB login to redeem this series with your enrollment key. 

Board Officer Institute (previously Board Officers' Academy)

Board officers have in person and virtual options to choose from to improve their skills. Board Officer Institute programming is available at a variety of TASB conferences as in-depth or breakout sessions.

  • Board Officer Institute: A Journey to Excellence is a six-week course designed specifically for new board officers, including sessions on Robert’s Rules of Order for Board Officers and Roles and Responsibilities of Board Officers.
  • Board Officers Forum: Directing Your Focus as a Board Officer allows board officers to learn about the roles and responsibilities of board presidents, vice presidents, and secretaries from a panel of experienced trustees along with a superintendent, TASB attorney, and governance consultants.

Register for the next board officers forum in the OLC. 

Questions? Contact Board Development Services at 800-580-8272, extension 2453, or email us.