Leadership Transitions

Any time a new member joins a team, it becomes a whole new team, with new dynamics, and often, shifting priorities. New members must learn what is expected of them; veteran members must learn to be open to a new member's ideas, and both must learn to trust each other. Board Development Services consultants can help teams in transition reduce the time it takes to learn about each other’s needs, working styles, and priorities through a variety of resources and consultation services.

One of the most useful services for new teams is a facilitated transition session led by experienced Board Development Services consultants. Our transition workshops generally focus on two issues:

  1. Clarifying expectations for the team's working relationship
  2. Identifying priorities for the board-CEO team to concentrate on in the near future

Customize your session

The following are some other activities that can help a new team move forward quickly:

  • Reviewing and updating district or team goals
  • Reviewing or developing team operating procedures
  • Discovering individual work styles
  • Reviewing how governance and management roles and responsibilities apply in the local district

Our consultants will work with your board president and superintendent to design a workshop or a complete consultation plan that meets the unique needs of your team.

For more information

If you are a new superintendent, a president of a board that has recently hired a new superintendent, or if you have one or more new members on your board-superintendent team, e-mail board.dev@tasb.org or call 800.580.8272, extension 2453, to find out how our consultants can help your team move ahead quickly.