District Planning Services

Goal setting

Board Development Services consultants can help the board and superintendent:

  • Identify critical issues.
  • Set comprehensive goals for the district.
  • Determine priorities for the coming year.

You can expand the planning team to include staff and community representatives if desired. A detailed analysis of factors affecting the district and students may also be included.

Annual goals review and update

District goal setting also includes the following items:

  • Review of progress toward existing goals
  • Discussion of new or emerging needs to incorporate into the goals
  • Identification of priorities for the coming year that can guide improvement planning
  • Review of the district’s vision

Shared vision

The Education Code now requires boards to adopt a vision statement and comprehensive goals for the district. We can help you develop a vision statement as part of a larger strategic plan or as a separate component. Start with the leadership team alone or include staff and community representatives in this effort.

Shared mission

This service provides a comprehensive long-range planning option that not only gives direction for the district’s education programs and support structures, but also promotes increased community involvement in the education process.

It includes analysis of the internal and external factors affecting district success and concludes with the development of a district’s mission, vision, and strategic goals. Staff and community representatives, the school board, and superintendent participate in an initial four-hour workshop, followed by a two-day workshop four to six weeks later.

Strategic planning

With recent changes in law that specify additional tasks for boards in setting direction for the district, there can be confusion about who should do what in planning for district improvement. Board Development Services consultants help your team:

  • Review specific tasks required for district planning and accountability.
  • Understand what role the board plays in guiding and overseeing the process.
  • Learn how to integrate the board-adopted vision and goals with the site-based improvement planning process to create a continuous improvement loop.
  • Facilitate development of a procedure that outlines:
    • Steps in the process
    • A calendar for annual planning and reporting
    • Where and how the board will participate.

Superintendent performance goals

A successful superintendent evaluation process begins with clear expectations, performance standards, and timelines agreed to by the board-superintendent team. We’ll help you use district goals and team priority concerns to develop the following:

  • Superintendent performance goals for the coming year
  • Measures of success
  • Appropriate timelines for evaluating progress

Additional options

Adding a workshop to develop one or both of these components expands your strategic plan for greater impact.

  • Shared values: Identifies the community’s inherent beliefs that drive expectations for education.
  • Graduate profile: Provides a detailed description of expectations for graduates.

For more information

For details on any of the planning services listed above or to schedule a planning workshop in your district, e-mail board.dev@tasb.org or call 800.580.8272, extension 2453.