TASB is well-known for the exceptional quality of its services and reputation for responding to district needs quickly, effectively, and thoroughly. Since its inception in 1949, TASB has supported local district leadership teams and improved the quality of education for Texas schoolchildren.

TASB members receive a wide variety of services, including training, legislative and regulatory information and support, legal services, timely publications, risk and cash management services, and cooperative purchasing. With a call to 512.467.0222 or 800.580.8272, you can reach TASB staff for assistance with any question related to public schools and public education. Consider us a cost-effective extension of your staff.

TASB Services

The BoardBook online service helps districts consistently and efficiently assemble board meeting packets, and conduct paperless board meetings with tablets and laptops.
HR Services
As a member of the HR Services program, your district has access to data, publications, training, and expert consulting services in the area of human resource (HR) management.
Board Development Services
Board Development Services, formerly Leadership Team Services, improves the effectiveness of school board leadership teams by offering training, planning, consulting, and facilitation services.
Legal Services
Our attorneys specialize in public school issues and provide advice to school district decision makers that supplements the legal advice districts receive from their own attorneys.
Community College Services
TASB Community College Services provides legal expertise and comprehensive policy development and maintenance responsive to the needs of Texas community colleges.
Policy Service
Take advantage of TASB’s Policy Service, which offers expert assistance with policy development and maintenance at a low cost, and provides members with policy advisories and alerts, toolkits, samples, and other resources.
Executive Search Services
The Executive Search Services (ESS) consulting service helps districts find the perfect chief executive officer (CEO) or key administrator.
Printing Services
TASB Printing Services offers a wide range of high-quality, customizable products to meet the printing needs of districts across the state.
Facility Services
TASB’s Facility Services provide a wide array of programs tailored to school districts to help with facilities-related matters.
Special Education Solutions
TASB’ web-based program (SMART) allows districts to document their student services and recoup Medicaid-eligible funds through the SHARS program.
Field Services
TASB's Field Services representatives can help your district make the tough decisions. Whether you need help with personnel, policy, legal liability, or training, ask the people who've been there and are backed by TASB's school-based line of services.
Student Solutions
TASB offers a broad range of solutions for your special populations, designed to help you stay on top of best practices and skills, maintain compliance, and provide the programs and environments your students need to thrive.
Governmental Relations
The Governmental Relations (GR) division helps districts stay up-to-date by monitoring legislative developments and activities, and promoting TASB’s Advocacy Agenda in person with state and federal lawmakers, the State Board of Education, and other agencies.

TASB Affiliated Entities

The BuyBoard purchasing cooperative enables districts to save money on the products and services they need while streamlining the purchasing process.
TASB Energy Cooperative
The TASB Energy Cooperative helps school districts procure electricity and fuel at fixed costs.
First Public®
First Public provides investment and employee benefit options specifically designed for governmental entities.
TASB Legal Assistance Fund
The TASB Legal Assistance Fund (LAF) provides support to school districts that are defending legal challenges with the potential to affect public schools statewide.
Lone Star Investment Pool 
Lone Star is managed by two separate money managers and offers three distinct overnight funds. This allows school districts to build portfolios that are unique to their investment needs.
TASB Risk Management Fund
The TASB Risk Management Fund (RMF) is a collective self-insurance program (also known as risk pool) that helps reduces the cost of operational risks for Texas school districts, community colleges, and other education entities.
TASB Benefits Cooperative
Since 2002, the TASB Benefits Cooperative has provided school districts and their employees with a variety of employer-paid and employee-paid benefits, such as group life, group long-term disability, and Section 125 products and plan administration.