Get Up to Speed with New Board Member Launch Training


Election to your school board doesn’t come with an instruction manual, but the New Board Member Launch program can get you off on the right foot. You’ll learn about your responsibilities, get oriented as a new trustee, and earn required continuing education credits (CEC).

Just for new trustees

Get an overview of key topics important for new trustees to learn about and earn CEC during our New Board Member Launch trainings. 

The next New Board Member Launch will take place during Summer Leadership Institute (SLI) in Fort Worth next week on June 29-July 2.

Register for SLI

Additionally, participants will have access to supplemental resources for new trustees in the Online Learning Center (OLC), like the required Texas Open Meetings Act and child abuse prevention trainings and a Top 10 series of short courses. Log in to the OLC

Earn required CEC

TASB staff will provide an overview of board service, covering the essentials you need to succeed in your first year, including:

  • Data-driven research on how to support student achievement.
  • Legal requirements and ethical components unique to school board service.
  • Cycles in a board’s work.
  • Lessons learned by experienced trustees.
  • Mapping your continued learning journey over your first term.

There are a lot of must-do items to take care of in your first year as a school board member, and even more to learn. Use our guide for new school board members to get grounded and going during your first year of board service.

Bringing training to you

TASB can also present the program directly to your board or as a regional workshop for several area boards. Email Board Development Services at or call 800.580.8272.