What's New in the Member Center

Member Center Update

The Member Center is the new and improved myTASB experience. It was created so you could find information, resources and, services tailored to your needs in one place.

Once you're logged in, the system recognizes you and customizes content to you based on your past activity on the site, and your role within your school district.

With the refreshed Member Center, you can:

  • Access all the applications and services you use in myTASB
  • Find relevant and time-sensitive articles, resources, and other information, plus secure content designed exclusively for you behind the login
  • Easily search content
  • Enjoy a simpler, more intuitive organization and refreshed look

Be sure to visit often. We’ll be adding new resources and articles regularly.

Note: Some TASB Risk Management Fund contacts will continue to use the risk management portal to access myTASB applications and content, which includes the Member Center.

How to log in

Simply click the Log In button in the upper right. If you have forgotten your credentials, click the Log In button and then select “Forgot user ID or password.”

Access your dashboard

Once you've logged in, you can easily access your dashboard from any page by clicking My Account and selecting My Dashboard.

My Dashboard

How to quickly access your services

You can access your services after you've logged into the new Member Center from two places on your Dashboard.

My Account

Click My Account in the upper-right corner of the page to pull down the menu. With a quick scroll of the menu, you’ll see all the services or applications you’re used to from the old myTASB experience. These services are alphabetized so you can find them easily. Think of this as a Quick Links section. You’ll also see a customizable My Services further down on your dashboard.

My Services section

The My Services section is a dynamic menu of all your myTASB apps.

You can pin your most used services to the dashboard and then drag and drop them in whatever order works best for you.

Customize the My Services section

The Member Center offers you a quick and easy way to access the applications you use most.

  1. Pull down the Pin Services to Dashboard menu.
  2. Uncheck the services you don’t want to appear in your My Services section.
  3. Check any you want to appear.
  4. Drag and drop services to customize their order.

My Services

Note: Customization applies on a per device basis. If you customized your laptop view and later log in on your phone, you will not see the customization. This allows you to customize your Member Center experience based on what tasks you most often perform on different devices.

School board members and superintendents looking to log continuing education credit hours will find their myCEC card in this section.

Need more information?

View this walkthrough of the new Member Center features.

Have questions or comments?

Contact us. We are ready to assist, and we appreciate your comments!