Hurricane Facility Preparedness

Preparing your facilities for a hurricane is essential in any effort to minimize potential damage. From reinforcing windows and doors to clearing drainage systems, and more, here are some tips from TASB Facility Services on how to prepare your facilities for a hurricane:

Inspect the Building

Conduct a thorough inspection of the building's exterior, including the roof, windows, doors, and walls. Look for any signs of damage or wear that could be exacerbated by high winds or heavy rainfall.

Fill Up with Fuel

Fill up emergency generators with fuel and move them into a safe position. Have contact information for backup fuel suppliers.

Elevate Storage Racks

Flooding from hurricanes means your inventory and equipment should be placed above the flood level.

Secure Loose Objects

Remove or secure any loose objects, such as outdoor furniture, potted plants, and signs. These objects can become dangerous projectiles in high winds.

Reinforce Windows and Doors

Install shutters, storm windows, or impact-resistant glass to reinforce windows and doors. If these are not available, board up the windows and doors with plywood.

Trim Trees and Shrubs

Trim trees and shrubs around the building to remove any dead branches or limbs that could fall and cause damage during the storm.

Check Drainage Systems

Ensure that drainage systems, such as floor drainage drains and grates as well as exterior gutters and downspouts, are clear of debris to prevent flooding.

Secure Your Documents

Place vital documents in a waterproof safe or plastic container. Consider printing out hard copies of your important records and paperwork to carry with you in the event of an evacuation. Power and internet services may be disrupted for weeks, leaving you with little or no access to your documents.

For After the Storm

Create a contact list of up-to-date staff information. Collect contact information for vendors and maintenance contractors, (e.g., electrical, plumbing, building, roofing, and equipment), as well as local/county emergency operations for post-storm re-entry permits for critical staff.

Your best efforts to prepare your facilities for a hurricane can mitigate damage and reduce the amount of time and money spent during the cleanup process.

This article was first published on August 21, 2023.

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