Areas of Service

Areas of Service

As a TASB member, you and your district have instant access to expert information, training, and advocacy support. For example:

  • TASB Legal Services assists members with wide-ranging legal research, questions, and issues.
  • A raft of specialized publications, reports, a free legal library, podcasts, and social media feeds provide essential news and background information.
  • Myriad continuing education and training opportunities for board members and district staff are available online and in every part of the state.
  • Representation before the Texas Legislature, state agencies, and the federal government helps keep you up to date on key issues, and grassroots advocacy meetings ensure that school trustees like are shaping these advocacy efforts.
  • And many other member services, like free programs to help you recognize those who help your schools, whether they be local businesses or media representatives or others who deserve a thank-you; tools to help you champion your schools in your community and to the public at large; and so on.

In addition to these kinds of services, TASB membership opens the door to expanded services for school board members as well as the districts you serve.

Contact us about anything

Whenever you need help during the course of your board service, think TASB first! TASB was created by school trustees, we’re governed by school trustees, and we’re here for the benefit of Texas public education.

Contact us online or call 800-580-8272 whenever you have a question, when you’re looking for professional development, services for your board, or if you need specialized advice! We are always glad to help in any way we can.

TASB has decades of experience with Texas school boards and school districts. We can provide information and guidance in virtually every area of public school governance and operation.

Additional services of all kinds

Over the years, TASB experts have noted challenges and gaps that school boards and school districts face and have responded with a variety of solutions. The result is an extensive array of services provided by TASB and its affiliated/endorsed programs.

Some services are priced separately so that school districts pay only when they need the help, which keeps the cost of membership as low as possible.

Think of a subject area your board or your schools deal with, and TASB most likely has a resource to assist.

What do you need help with? TASB can help
Administrator/superintendent searches TASB Executive Search Services
Advocacy training and development, legislative monitoring TASB Governmental Relations
Agenda preparation TASB BoardBook®
Board training, consulting, events, information resources TASB Board Development Services
Cooperative purchasing BuyBoard®*
Electricity and fuel TASB Energy Cooperative*
Employee benefits TASB Benefits Cooperative*
Environmental, energy, and construction services TASB Facility Services
Human resources consulting, data, training TASB HR Services
Investment services Lone Star Investment Pool*
Legal information, updates, training and publications TASB Legal Services
Legal support for districts defending legal challenges TASB Legal Assistance Fund
Policy development and maintenance TASB Policy Service
Printing, copying, signage TASB Printing Services
Risk management solutions TASB Risk Management Fund*
Special education documentation, reporting, and Medicaid billing TASB Special Education Solutions
Individualized solutions for special populations programs TASB Student Solutions

* TASB affiliated entity

We’re always interested in hearing from members about challenges you face so we can offer the support you need. Let us know how we can help.

TASB Membership

TASB members receive a variety of services, depending on their membership level.