Meet the XG Team

Our team of governance experts has decades of combined experience in education, board development, and meeting facilitation. They will work with your board to create a customized, collaborative experience incorporating the latest research and best practices to help your district achieve success.

Headshot Kay DouglasKay Douglas, JD, Senior Consultant

Douglas has worked in board consulting and development since 2002. She calls herself “the board whisperer” and is probably best known for training thousands of new board members. Encouraging team building through thoughtful conversation, her goal is to put the “fun” back into dysfunction and required training. In 2021, she took on the role of program manager for Leadership TASB.

Douglas served 16 years as a member of the Huntsville ISD Board of Trustees and is a graduate of Leadership TASB. She is a trained mediator and VitalSmarts® certified trainer for Crucial Conversations and Influencer.


Headshot Susan ElliotSusan Elliott, MS, Director of Curriculum and Instructional Design

Elliott is responsible for developing coherent learning opportunities for trustees of Texas school boards across live, virtual, and online learning environments. Compiling a robust body of research in a variety of school settings allowed her to develop school improvement tools and services to help schools reflect on and adopt the practices of their higher performing peers.

She is currently pursuing a doctorate in organizational leadership, learning, and innovation.  



Headshot David KoempelDavid Koempel, MSIS, Trustee Engagement Senior Consultant

Koempel has worked at TASB since 1985. He has trained school board members in a variety of topics, including strategic planning for school districts, crisis communication, and dealing with challenging personalities. Koempel is known as the "meetings geek" to board members and administrators because of his expertise in running meetings. He is a skilled facilitator who leads highly interactive board development experiences and is passionate about eXceptional Governance (XG) Board Development.

Koempel is a VitalSmarts® certified trainer for Crucial Conversations and trained mediator.  


Headshot Orin MooreOrin Moore, MBA, Senior Consultant

Moore joined the team in 2015. As a facilitator, he performs in-district workshops for board-superintendent teams on goal setting, team building, and board self-assessment.

As a former consultant and trainer supporting education-based startups in Harris County, Moore emphasizes the importance of building and aligning newly formed teams and enjoys facilitating transition workshops when governance teams experience turnover of board members or a superintendent.

Moore is a proud graduate of a “small town” Texas public high school and codesigns the Small School District Seminar held during TASA | TASB Convention. He is a VitalSmarts® certified trainer for Crucial Conversations.


Headshot Esperanza OroscoEsperanza Orosco, MEd, Consultant

Orosco is currently a member of the Hays CISD Board of Trustees and has served as president and vice president. Orosco earned her MEd in elementary education from Texas State University and has served as a certified bilingual educator more than 11 years.

Orosco has presented on topics including social contracts, implementing employee friendly policies and initiatives, the role of board officers, and how to run effective board meetings. She has also mentored and coached other board members and fellow teachers. She is a staunch supporter of public education.

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