What Is eXceptional Governance (XG) Board Development?

What Is the XG Project

Research shows school boards have a direct impact on student achievement. How can your board set students up for success? The answer is exceptional governance.

TASB’s eXceptional Governance (XG) Board Development aims to develop practices that build a culture of good governance across Texas school districts. XG is a collaborative, customized experience designed to empower trustees to focus on what really matters: improving student outcomes.

What makes XG so effective?

  • Research-informed, expert led: Our team of governance experts incorporate the latest research and best practices to ensure your district has the right tools to achieve success. Meet the XG team.
  • Customized to fit your board and district’s specific needs: We work with your board to cocreate an experience unique to your district, integrating current initiatives and opportunities for improvement.
  • Collaborative approach includes trustees and district leadership: We take a practical, hands-on, whole-board approach to align efforts and resources to accomplish your district’s vision.

Find out how XG has transformed Lockhart ISD.

What to expect?

Time commitment

Typically, the program is five sessions totaling 15 hours. Many districts find that they want to do additional sessions to meet their objectives. Our team will work with your district to design the program that best fits your needs. Get an overview of the topics covered in these five sessions.


Each session is approximately $1,100 plus travel expenses. XG satisfies the team-building requirement for school boards and provides continuing education credits.

Continuous learning

As a participant in XG, you are embarking on a continuous learning journey. You will be invited to attend our XG Summit and other exclusive programs with fellow XG participants.

Empowering education through eXceptional Governance

You set high expectations for your students; set the same for yourself and your board.

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