An Overview of XG Sessions

XG Board Development

eXceptional Governance (XG) Board Development is an intensive, research-based, whole-board approach. Using the latest research and the results from your board’s self-assessment, our governance experts will develop a customized, collaborative experience unique to the needs of your board and district. Although XG is specifically designed for your district, we have developed a general framework focused on building skills that support improved student outcomes. Here are the themes we cover and what you can expect to gain from the experience.

Setting a vision

We’ll start by identifying what is at stake for students, the district, the board, and public education as a whole. Participants will commit to a shared vision emphasizing high expectations for students, staff, and the board.

Improving learning and teaching

Next, we will focus on the governance role the board plays in supporting improvements made in the district, on the campuses, and in the classroom using research-backed methods.

Where are we now and where are we going?

This session dives into the current state of student achievement in the district and sets specific learning outcomes for the system applying data to monitor progress and make decisions.

How will we know when we get there?

We’ll help trustees build a sustainable goal-monitoring structure to ensure a tight focus on student learning and accountability for results.

The ongoing role and work of the board

This session ensures trustees have the essential skills to sustain the work of the board, focused on the district vision for improving learning and teaching.

After this five-session, whole-board learning experience, your board will be able to:

  • Commit to a shared vision with high expectations for students and staff
  • Focus on understanding data to monitor and make governance decisions
  • Apply a goal-monitoring system to improve focus
  • Share a common understanding of and commitment to ongoing improvement
  • Develop common messages that support relentless focus on student learning outcomes
  • Communicate the goals and expectations for the board and district with the community

These sessions and their outcomes equip boards to enter a process for continuous improvement. This could require follow-up sessions, quarterly or semiannually for ongoing refinement.

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