How to Update District Information with TASB

Updating Board Records

If you need to add, edit, or remove contact information with TASB, this article will help you out. Is your district's information, including board members and staff, up to date in TASB's system? If maintaining these records is your responsibility, you can use the Member Profile section of your TASB account to get it done quickly.

Who can edit district information?

All superintendents, and most superintendent’s secretaries and admins, already have access to TASB to edit information in the Member Profile section.

Superintendents can request TASB access for business managers, assistant superintendents, and other roles who can then update Member Profile information. 

To request TASB access, download and complete the TASB Account Authorization Form (pdf). Email the completed form to

Request Additional Staff Access

What will you be able to edit, update, and add?

  • District information
  • School board information, including board officer designations
  • Administrative staff, including all district staff who may do business with TASB
  • Delegate Assembly registration (only available during annual convention)

Keep in mind, you cannot edit the name and email on other’s profiles. The only people who can edit are the member themselves or TASB-approved staff. You can submit a change request to

New district contacts

  • When you choose to add board members or administrative staff, you can create a new member or select from existing contacts tied to your district.
  • Creating a new individual (board member or staff) adds them to the database, but they are NOT automatically granted a myTASB account.
  • When a staff member leaves the district, the new employee replacing them will inherit the same level of access if indicated on the TASB Account Authorization form.

To request myTASB access, download and complete the myTASB application form (pdf). Email the completed form to

Download Form

Two ways you can find the Member Profile application in the Member Center

Once you have been authorized to make changes for your district, have myTASB access, and log in, there are two ways you can access the Member Profile application.

1. Use the My Account dropdown

Once logged in, click My Account in the upper-right corner of the page to pull down the menu. Scroll down until you find Member Profile. (Reminder that these services are alphabetized.)

My Account Member Profile

2. Use the My Services gallery

When logged in, you can also find the Member Profile application in your services gallery. Finding it is easy.

  1. Click My Services in the page menu.

Click My Services

  1. Click Member Profile.

Click Member Profile

If you have additional questions, email or call 800.580.8272, extension 1074 for board members and extension 2928 for all others.