New Board Member Handbook

New Board Member Handbook

If you are looking for a guide to your first year on the school board, TASB's New Board Member Handbook is a ready reference to the most important resources and information you'll need as you begin your service as a trustee. For more information, check out our guide for new school board members.

You’ll get an overview of everything you need to get started:

  • Answers to common questions from new board members
  • A framework for school board development, including key board tasks
  • A new board member preparation list
  • A sample code of ethics
  • An overview of continuing education and legally required training TASB provides
  • A list of useful topics to request your superintendent and board president cover during your local board orientation
  • A reference of common education acronyms to help you wade through the alphabet soup
  • Phone numbers and emails for key contacts at TASB, so you can get expert help from friendly people

Download the New Board Member Handbook for free from the TASB Store.

The TASB Store

In the TASB Store, you’ll find a slate of publications and other items that address issues and operational matters you should know about. Many of these items cover individual topics introduced in the New Board Member Handbook in greater detail.

These self-directed training options include books, handouts, and discussion guides to make it easy to conduct your own training locally.

If you’re new to the school board, these publications available from the TASB Store can help you start your service off on the right foot:

Some items are available to download for free; others have a nominal fee. You may want to ask your superintendent if the district already has any of these items available in its library.