Current Trustee Training Requirements

Training Requirements

Serving as a school board member comes with plenty of challenges. Earning and reporting training credit hours shouldn’t be one of them.

The State Board of Education requires several categories of continuing education for school board members. TASB offers a variety of school board training options that meet the state requirements for board members. This professional development includes:

Here’s a chart breaking down annual board training requirements, so you know exactly what you need whether you’re a new or experienced trustee. (Download the PDF of this chart for complete information.)

2020 Trustee Training Requirements

How to report continuing education credit

Visit your TASB Member Center dashboard to report or view any continuing education credit you’ve earned. You have two options when you're logged in:

  • Report training credit hours
  • View your training history

Understanding continuing education requirements

TASB offers training options to trustees based on the continuing education requirements adopted by the State Board of Education.