Delegate Assembly: A Powerful Way to Stand Up for Texas Public Schools

Delegate Assembly

TASB’s Delegate Assembly gives your school board a direct voice in advocating for Texas public schools, and in the overall direction of your Association. Make sure your board sends a delegate. The 2022 meeting will be held September 24 in San Antonio.

Delegate Assembly happens each year during the TASA | TASB Convention. Every school board has a spot at Delegate Assembly; your board should appoint one delegate and one alternate to serve as representatives.

Two actions to take

There are two things local school boards need to do to have a voice at Delegate Assembly:

  1. Register your board’s delegate and alternate. Registration opens in May.
  2. Follow the TASB Board of Directors nominations. The nominations process begins in May.

Four reasons to attend Delegate Assembly

Attending Delegate Assembly gives you the chance to participate in the democratic process that governs TASB. You’ll:

  1. Elect TASB’s leadership team.
  2. Vote on the upcoming Advocacy Agenda.
  3. Learn how you can take action to champion your public schools.
  4. Earn continuing education training credit.

Delegate Assembly is only the beginning

TASB’s work for schools in Austin is important, but there is no power like — or substitute for — board members interacting with their elected representatives.

Building relationships with your lawmakers and expressing your views on important issues though the local media can have an important impact on how legislators vote.

You can improve your advocacy skills and get just-in-time information on the important issues facing public education by joining TASB’s School Board Advocacy Network (SBAN). Find out more about SBAN and your role in advocating for your district.