You’ve Been Challenged! Say Thank You to an Educator in Your Life

Thank an educator

It’s no secret that educators are suffering from burnout. They’re under a lot more stress lately.

When we say “educators,” you probably think of teachers. And yes, we do mean teachers. Teachers are the backbone, the heart and soul of education. But anyone who works in a school is considered an educator, whether it’s the principal, the custodian, the aide, or the superintendent. Even school board members are educators.

Over the past two years, these folks have faced unprecedented challenges, from juggling both in person and online classes simultaneously to enforcing health protocols based on constantly changing guidance.

The pandemic has been rough on everyone, but we can all agree that educators have been dealt an especially tough hand. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, their focus always has been and always will be on students. So, help us spread gratitude and kindness to all Texas educators by showing them how much their hard work is appreciated!

Join the challenge

Here's how to participate in the #appreciatED challenge:You're doing a great job post it

  1. Grab a sticky note.
  2. Write a thank-you or encouraging note to an educator. Anyone can do it — colleagues, students, parents, family members, or community members.
  3. Share it! Post it on social media using #appreciatED and tag the person you’re thanking. You could also leave it on their desk or snap a photo and send it to them. There are no rules other than spreading encouragement!
  4. Challenge your friends and family. Share a note you've sent or received on your social media profiles and tag three others, challenging them to do the same.

A little gratitude can go a long way! Whether your note is heartfelt, fun, or just something to lift someone’s spirit, it’s sure to boost both your day and the person you’re thanking.

Let’s spread gratitude and show appreciation for educators all over the state!

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