The TASB Member Center Is Increasing Its Reach

The Member Center was created so that school board members can find the information they need in one place and access content that is specific to their positions.

Now we’re expanding the reach of the Member Center so that district personnel and other TASB members will also have a unique online experience. 

What to expect

The first phase of expansion started July 15. The experience for most TASB members looks different when they log in to myTASB. All of the information is still there. School board members and Risk Management Fund members will not see any changes during this phase.

Later this year, a broader experience will roll out, including content specific to roles of various TASB members.

Summary of changes

  • As of July 15, district staff and most other TASB members see a new look after logging in to myTASB.

Member Center Update Preview

  • Content that is specific to various roles will be added over the next several months.
  • Although the experience for board members and Risk Management primary contacts will not change at this time, improvements for those groups are planned.

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