TASB Legislative Advisory Council

The TASB Legislative Council (LAC) is responsible for merging the regional priorities identified by school board members around the state into a statewide list of legislative priorities. The council’s recommendations are submitted for adoption to TASB’s Delegate Assembly at the Association’s annual convention in the fall.

What does the LAC do?

During even numbered years, after completion of the 20 regional grassroots meetings, the LAC meets twice to identify the priority issues that arose most frequently during the grassroots meetings. For each of those priority issues, the LAC reviews all of the position statements developed during the grassroots meetings and drafts one priority statement that reflects the general sentiment on that issue.

The LAC then recommends its list of priority statements to the TASB Legislative Committee, for further review by the TASB Board of Directors, and ultimate adoption by the Delegate Assembly as part of TASB’s Advocacy Agenda.

The LAC also meets once during odd-numbered years after the legislative session to revise TASB’s legislative priorities based upon action taken by the Legislature.

Who serves on the LAC?

The LAC is comprised of school board members representing all 20 ESC regions of the state. During each TASB Grassroots Meeting, participants elect school board members to serve on the LAC. The number of LAC representatives from a region is based upon its student population.

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For more information about the LAC or to learn about the results of their meetings, please contact Dax Gonzales at dax.gonzalez@tasb.org or 800.580.4885.