TASB Advocacy Agenda Cornerstone Principles

As amended September 24, 2022 by the TASB Delegate Assembly

The following Cornerstone Principles guide TASB's Advocacy Agenda and organizational conduct.

  • Excellence in student achievement for all Texas students and fair accountability for academic progress.
  • Locally elected trustees and locally governed and controlled public schools.
  • Safe and secure schools that foster the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of students and staff.
  • Adequate and equitable funding levels to provide an exceptional education in a safe environment.
  • Efficient and effective school management.
  • Strong family and community engagement to create optimal opportunities for each child
  • Fulfillment of public schools’ unique constitutional duty to educate every child by preventing the diversion of public funds through vouchers, tax credits, education savings grants, and other mechanisms.
  • Promotion of equity, intentional eradication of systemic racism, and the recognition of all cultures and races that have contributed to the rich history of Texas and the United States to include support for diversity and cultural awareness initiatives throughout the state.