TASB Advocacy Agenda Call for Resolutions

The Association annually calls upon boards to submit new Advocacy Resolutions that will help form TASB’s responses to issues before the Legislature and other governmental entities during the legislative session. 

The Advocacy Agenda—the plan of action TASB pursues during the legislative biennium—consists of two parts:

  • Advocacy Priorities: A set of legislative goals arising from TASB’s grassroots process.
  • Advocacy Resolutions: Member-school board submitted stances guiding TASB’s response to other issues that might arise before the Legislature and other governmental entities.

The TASB Delegate Assembly adopts the Advocacy Agenda each fall. Resolutions require approval by a simple majority of the Delegate Assembly.


For more information, please contact Dax Gonzalez at dax.gonzalez@tasb.org in TASB Governmental Relations at 800.580.4885.