What Is the School Board Advocacy Network?

TASB's School Board Advocacy Network is an effort to enhance local school boards’ presence in the legislative process. The Network includes at least one legislative liaison representing every school district in Texas. This proactive strategy will enable more TASB members to become well-informed and effective advocates for public education.

A local school board’s legislative liaison does not have to have experience in or knowledge of state politics. However, the legislative liaison should be a person interested in learning about legislative issues and committed to ensuring that state and federal lawmakers know where a district stands on issues affecting public schools.

By accepting this responsibility, this member becomes a member of the School Board Advocacy Network and will be encouraged to take advantage of as many of the following opportunities as possible:

  • Carrying TASB’s message to policymakers
  • Cultivating relationships with the state and federal lawmakers who represent the school district and assisting other members of the school board to do the same
  • Attending regional and state legislative briefings
  • Sharing legislative information with fellow local school board members
  • Participating in TASB’s Grassroots Process in even-numbered years
  • Attending training sessions to improve advocacy skills
  • Attending TASB’s legislative conferences
  • Communicating with TASB Governmental Relations staff regarding results of meetings with legislators and their staffs
  • Serving as TASB’s contact for legislative information during a legislative session
  • Testifying before legislative committees or other policymaking groups
  • Keeping up-to-date on legislative activity by using TASB’s communications tools during a legislative session
  • Serving as a possible Federal Relations Network delegate
  • Providing TASB with information regarding issues affecting the local district

Members of the School Board Advocacy Network receive training materials and legislative information regularly. Special training sessions also are available.